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QSAIG Meeting on 23rd October 2021 notes
Much of the meeting was given over to considering the legacy and implications of colonialism on Quaker work in South Asia. This history has implications today and suggests that we need to think carefully about any work we want to do in South Asia.
We also heard about the on going needs in Bhopal, peace work in Nagaland, an introduction to FWCC Asia West Pacific Section, the importance of the voluntary sector and an update of Jaijagat.
QSAIG 23 October 2021 notes.pdf
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QSAIG AGM 23rd October 2021
Minutes of the QSAIG AGM held on 23rd October 2021. Meeting was held both in person in Leeds and on Zoom
QSAIG AGM 2021.pdf
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Notes from a QSAIG Meeting held on Zoom April 2021
QSAIG Meeting 24 April 2021.docx
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QSAIG AGM 24 October 2020..pdf
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QSAIG AGM 12th October 2019
AGM Minutes 12 Oct 2019.pdf
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Minutes and Notes of QSAIG Meeting 17th October 2017
Minutes and notes QSAIG meeting 171014 -[...]
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QSAIG 2016
QSAIG Minutes 16 October 2016.pdf
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QSAIG October 2014
QSAIG 18 October 2014.pdf
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QSAIG AGM 2013.docx
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Minutes from QSAIG October 2012
QSAIG Oct 2012.pdf
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