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Any resources here are to help provide information to those interested in South Asia.

If you have material that youy think will be of help to Quakers interested in South Asia please feel welcome to send it to info@qsaig.co.uk for inclusion on this web site.


Sustainable Agriculture

You are invited to view this interesting set of 9 short videos about sustainable agriculture.




A presentation on Pakistan
A collection of photographs showing the diversity of Pakistan.
21-05-07 Pakistan presentation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.5 MB]
QSAIG interests
Summary of QSAIG interests shared at the groups Fair on 24 July 2021
QSAIG Presentation to Groups Fair24 Jul[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [7.6 MB]

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Quaker South Asia Interest Group
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Quaker South Asia Interest Group (QSAIG) 

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2.30pm to 4pm on Saturday 24th July 2021
QSAIG at the Groups Fair at Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering.
12.30pm on Thursday 5th August 2021.
Special Interest Group at Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering.
Review of current issues in South Asia.
Invitations from: info@qsaig.co.uk 
contact:  Norman Smith
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