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The International Walk from India to Geneva was halted in March 2020 because of Covid-19. However 120 French walkers did get to Geneva. Because of Covid things are now in a state of transition. In India a lot of work is going on with migrant workers and encouraging people to stay in the villages, developing nature based solutions to problems. See: http://jaijagat2020.co.uk


A fim made with Ekta Parisha (Ramesh), shows the impact of coal mining in India - with graphic film footage that is very powerful. Very well worth watching.


Stepping Stones for a decade of change.
JaiJagat is a global campaign for justice and peace rooted in the thought and practice of Gandhi, as well as other contemporary experiences of non violence. It intends to create a movement for nonviolent change where the global campaign is based around four pillars: eradicating poverty, ending social discrimination, reversing ecological destruction and the climate crisis, and ending conflict.
Stepping Stones for a Decade for Change_[...]
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Jai Jagat Presentation August 2021
Update on the activities of Jai Jagat.
BYM QSAIG Jai Jagat presentation August [...]
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