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Projects supported by QSAIG members


Gono Unayan Prochesta - By the peoples own efforts. Promoting many aspects of rural development. Based in Rajoir, Bangladesh





Centre for Holistic Studies - helping to create and promote sustainable development and awareness of indigenous knowledge and technology. Based in Mumbai, India




A people's movement dedicated to the principles of non-violent action, aiming at social and land reform in India.

Rajgopal gave a keynote address to a meeting of the European Ideas Lab run by the European Green Parties on 3rd February 2017. Take time to see this:  http://www.greens-efa.eu/en/article/event/european-ideas-lab/  


Scholarships for Street Kids - S4SK-M

Based in Myanmar provides educational help to nearly 200 children and young people. Seeks to significantly improve the lives of the children and their families. See more at http://www.s4sk.org.uk 

Action Village India is a UK - based charity working for change in rural India. India's rapid economic development has left hundreds of milions of people untouched and has destroyed the homes of livlihoods of millions more. It is those marginalised people that Action Village India's partners work with, in the Ghandian tradition of non-violent action, to right economic and social injustice. See www.actionvillageindia.org.uk 

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We would like to express our deepest and sincerest sympathy and condolences to the people of Sri Lanka and all those who have suffered such an appalling and tragic loss in the deaths and serious injuries of their loved ones in recent attacks in Colombo.
Whatever belief system one adheres to nothing can ever justify the dogma of violence and murder. We believe that it is our duty as human beings and citizens of civilised societies to dismantle stereotypes, to build understanding and trust, to replace ignorance with knowledge and prejudice with friendship.
The only way forward towards global peace and compassion is to commit ourselves to help eradicate violent extremism from our midst from all aspects of the social spectrum.
Our hearts and prayers go to all the victims and their families in the recent attacks, who will be in our thoughts.

Gilda Levy                    Women's Interfaith Network

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